Thank you to all of our individual sponsors who have donated to Pools For Kids

$5,000 +


Bill and Missy Klingensmith


$2,500 - $4,999


Jim and Dawn Palmquist


$1,000 - $2,500

Susan and John Schebler



$500 - $999

Lisa and Steve Goodwin
Tim and Jane Kindvall

Elaine and Todd Palmquist

Gregersen Family

Jean and Kevin Cavanaugh

Young Jewell



$250 - $499

John Austin
Lester and Margrit Hammar
Jason and Arlene Gregersen


$100 or more
Sheryl and Douglas Decker
Michael and Nancy Costello
Chris and Necole Fellows
Joshua Elson
Stephan and Amanda Gurr
Gary Vose
Jerome Kadesh
Shelly Findlay
Chris and Leigh Ann Pauly
Charles and Susan Pauly
Noel and Michelle Williams
Matt and Chandra Thomas
Elaine Gess
Brian and Keri Conn
Dawn and Mike Ives
James and Nancy Meyer
Dave Harris
Ann Hill
Neil and Elinor Olken
Kevin and Kirsten Van Auker
Sandra and James Low
Carolyn Fitzgerald
Theresa Huff
Christian and Rebecca Jensen