After 25 years, Mile High Dive Club has this extraordinary opportunity to share love and express gratitude for serving so many young athletes. We feel honored that our diving family, past and current families, are willing to reunite to raise funds for Pools For Kids to provide capital to build a 3M and 5M platform at Meyers Pool during their rebuilding process.    


Pools for Kids' fundraising goal is $500,000. This aid will allow us to build a brand new, state-of-the-art, top-notch training facility for aquatic-based sports and significantly enhance athletes' quality of training. Our contribution to the Meyers Pool rebuild efforts will guarantee that diving has roots in Colorado for generations to come! 


We know how much diving has impacted your life or the life of your kids, and we are creating this capital campaign to contribute to the legacy and the life skills that diving teaches. We would like you to join us in making a difference.


A facility of this caliber will not only provide training opportunities like no other in the Denver metro area but will also dramatically increase access to draw more significant diving events to Colorado. Unfortunately, water time and adequate diving facilities are in such short supply in our area; we are dreaming about the impact this will have on the larger community. 


In addition, Mile High Dive Club instills transferable life skills through sport, instructing youth how to succeed in the pool and later in life. We understand how much this facility will directly benefit Denver Metro Area youth, and we want to be a part of it! A facility like this would ensure greater access to diving to the Denver Metro Area's ten-county population of nearly 3 million residents.


We look forward to seeing you on May 20, 2023, dress to impress, at the Casino Royal-themed 25th anniversary Gala!


How can I help?

We offer a few ways for Pools For Kids to benefit from your help, donations, generosity, and support.


The Pools For Kids Auction Team needs YOU to:

  1. Attend the event. And bring along an adult member of your favorite party posse! Tickets on sale now!
  2. Volunteer on an auction planning team. Our team of quirky creators and event envisioners welcome your individual talents to help plan a Casino Royal shindig! Interested? Contact Auction Co-Chairs Gosia Betancourt at and Jenn Hess  
  3. Donate auction items. Visit our auction site to learn more and please fill out this form to donate items or experiences to this year’s auction. Have questions about what kind of donations we're looking for this year? Click here to learn more. 
  4. Sponsor the auction. Our sponsors cover our auction expenses (e.g. catering, entertainment, beverages). Feature your name or your business' name in the auction catalog and at the event. Curious about all the sponsor benefits? Click here to learn more about sponsoring Pools For Kids Auction.  
  5. Purchase auction tickets for coaches. Let’s show them some love! Ticket sales here.  
  6. Purchase auction items. From experiences to priceless one-of-a-kind items, you’ll find something special to bid on. 
  7. Donate to the Mission Moment/Paddle Raise. Help support a 3 & 5 meter platform in Denver (We’ll share the specifics about this mission soon)



A Big Thank You to our Gala Sponsors!